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Welcome to Bogardus.com, This is the Bogardus family website. Right now it is mostly a photo diary of my immediate family but I would like to encourage other "distant cousins" to submit their photos as well. Here are descriptions with links to the picture directories. My family photos are under the directory called images. You can click on any of these directories or use the directory sidebar to the left. The directory list and descriptions are organized by date. Everything that's new will appear at the top of the list. Read the description to learn about the contents of each directory and choose what you would like to see.

I have started putting a list of links about Everardus Bogardus & Anneke Jans , Bogardus geneology and Bogardus' who fought in American & Foreign Wars. You can also go to these sites from any page by clicking geneology at the bottom of the page.

I am looking for pictures of Everardus Bogardus & Anneke Jans (First American Ancester), Everadus Bogardus ( Original Owner of Bogardus Tavern), James Bogardus (the inventor), Capt. Adam H. Bogardus ( Champion Wingshot of the world) and Abraham Bogardus (New York Photographer) among others. If you know of a link that belongs on this list, or would like to share some family photos with other on this site, please email me at webmaster (at) bogardus (dot) com.

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